Paradise Sound System x ARMC Build Bridges With German Artist Blindsmyth & South African Star Vocalist Toshi

Paradise Sound System, Africa Rising Music Conference, and Flame Studios collaborated on a release, ‘Izinto’ alongside German artist, Blindsmyth and South African vocalist and Black Coffee collaborator, Toshi, aiming to highlight the spirit of connecting, and cooperation within the afro music ecosystem and throughout the world. 

 At FLAME STUDIOS, Paradise Sound System collaborated with the Africa Rising music conference on a new composition in an effort to foster cross-cultural understanding. 

In the middle of the Johannesburg Central Business District on May 23, 2022, Paradise Sound System, through the Africa Rising Music Conference, invited local South African artists, Toshi, DJ Dreas, Thandi Draai and more to join studio sessions with European artists such as Jamie, Blindsmyth, Megablast, and MOBLACK. Flames Studios, considered by many to be “where the Flame of Democracy Burns” has been rebuilt to accommodate collaborative ventures of this kind. 

We’re excited to finally share the upcoming Paradise Sound System release of the collaborative tune produced by German artist Blindsmyth, known for his diversity in delivering electronic soundscapes alongside, Black Coffee collaborator and one of South Africa’s leading female vocalists, Toshi.  The track begins with deep afro house bass notes and a steady melody that helps introduce the hints of voice provided by Toshi. The sound then develops into a swelling, powerful, yet expressive experience of inner emotion, brought about by the now present and repeating vocals of Toshi, and the meaningful combination of melodic and deep electronic sounds crafted by the Berlin-based artist Blindsmyth.

Speaking on the experience, DJ Dreas who helped curate the studio sessions had this to say about the undertaking of this release “The process of creating the song was interesting as everyone was coming in with a different flavor and sound. I am very excited to show you guys what we all created together.”

ARMC and Paradise Sound System have been partners for quite some time, but this is their first official collaboration. The formation of this company was inevitable, given our shared goal of fostering communication networks that facilitate the sharing of information and the cooperation of people from other countries. 

Listen to“Izinto” here.

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