More Americans Are Watching African Entertainment Than Ever Before

The Africa Channel (TAC), the longest-running independent, minority-owned media company focused on presenting pan-African content to US audiences, continues to experience explosive growth in 2021 with launches in 103 new markets. This means the very best in the African continent’s most outstanding modern English-language television series, dramas, music, reality, cooking, and travel shows, alongside feature films, biographies, and cultural programming are now available to more North American audiences than ever before. 

The Africa Channel’s viewership continues to increase viewership thanks to the latest partnership with Cox Communication (Cox),  bringing the channel to viewers in 100% of Cox’s markets. TAC has also expanded distribution to millions more Charter subscribers across the company’s 41-state footprint and Comcast Xfinity TV customers, where the channel is now available in 60 new markets.  Some of the Cox markets include Las Vegas, New Orleans, Phoenix, San Diego, Cleveland, and Norfolk/Hampton Rds, VA. 

The Africa Channel aims to educate and connect all Black Americans to their heritage and serve a fast-growing Black immigrant population. The majority of TAC’s content has never been seen in North America. Now, with the network’s latest deal with Cox  Communications, millions of new viewers will be able to access this vast catalog of culturally relevant content. 

According to The Executive Vice President and General Manager of The Africa Channel, Narendra Reddy, “This is a  particularly exciting time for us at The African Channel. We’ve continued to see impressive growth in interest, viewership, and distribution in our traditional broadcast offering. We attribute this success to our belief that diverse, multicultural, and niche audiences  who mainstream media have often ignored will gravitate towards platforms when the content is customized to their unique viewing  needs.”  

Viewers will be able to catch TAC’s popular originals and premiere programming from leading distributors, including:  

Expresso Daily Morning Show – Beamed live from its stunning Cape Town studios on the west coast of Africa,  the Expresso morning show serves up a fresh blend of international culture and lifestyle daily. Airs Mon-Fri 7- 8:30am & 10-11:30am Eastern. 

Popular Game and Dating Shows  

o My Design Rules: Three competing design duos battle it out in the name of great design. Airs Mon Fri 8:30am & 11:30am Eastern. 

o Date My Family: Singles find love by going on dates with their potential partner’s family. Can you trust your family to help you find love? Mon-Thu 8-9pm & 1-2am Eastern 

Best of BBC Africa programs – Timely, authentic, relevant, and provocative programs that further connect  Africa to the world while bearing the BBC’s exceptional quality. Titles include Focus on Africa Daily News  Show: the biggest stories from all over Africa and around the world; Sport Africa: A sports show that’s all about people including high-profile African sports stars and the talent of tomorrow, plus a weekly Armchair  Expert fans’ quiz; Smart Money: Inspirational business stories and practical advice from Africa’s most  enterprising business entrepreneurs. Mon-Fri 6-8pm & 11pm-1am Eastern 

Movie Showcase: Hundreds of hours of movies from Nollywood and across Africa introduce American  viewers to the broadest range of talent that the continent and diaspora have to offer  

Black History Month premiering all-new series celebrating stories that encourage viewers to connect to their  heritage and highlight the rich and distinct connections between Black cultures in Africa and the USA, including:  

o The History of Africa – Complementing our stories of the Black experience in America are the  

achievements of Black Africans in this 20-part series. Zeinab Badawi travels across Africa,  

interviewing historians, archaeologists, and citizens who paint a vivid picture of their continent’s past  

and how that history informs the present.  

o African Royale – Premiering in February, this fresh new original series stars Abimbola Fernandez, a  young Nigerian-American and heiress to a billion-dollar fortune. In African Royale, we follow  

Abimbola as she navigates the nuanced and contemporary cultural connections new generations of  

Black singles are discovering today throughout the diaspora, and in this case, Los Angeles, Paris,  

and Lagos, Nigeria. 

o American Civil Rights Documentaries – Our programming includes a curated collection of stories that uniquely define an American people with a powerful heritage; a history of fighters who have worked towards equality and a better life for future generations.  

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