Manage Your Team With Remote Work Tools In 2020

2020 has changed business. With the spread of Coronavirus many businesses are working completely remote. It is the death of the traditional work office. Businesses are completely remote, and employees have set up shop at home.

When you work remotely with a team, it is crucial that you have a great collaboration and mutual understanding since you cannot communicate by just walking over to their desk anymore. 

Be effective by using new work from home technology and get everyone on the same page. Why spend your valuable time on items that can be addressed with the latest technology? 

Focus on what is essential for your organization. Remote working increases from day to day; precisely, over 117% has grown over a decade and a half. For your team to be successful and have the best possible results, you must have a top-notch organization. It can be challenging for team members to communicate, especially when they live in different time zones.

Luckily, there are some tools that help you with that, and today we are here to show you which. These tools are not just going to make your team organized but more productive and happier. Here is the list of the most effective tools for your business teams:


Remote work has changed the way businesses store their files in a remote environment. There are various options on the market, but one that we genuinely like is the Paymo. Paymo will lead you and your team fast to your goals. Keep your team align and engage. You are available to manage tasks, create team schedules, track work time, and bill your clients, all from the chair in your home. It is perfect for small and medium businesses. Pay your team accordingly, with time tracking. This time tracking will be your team’s favorite thing as it is convenient and precise. You no longer must think about working hours, as the app has it all calculated for you.

When you use this app, make sure you use the Kanban method to crush your objectives. Remote working will be much more comfortable with the Paymo. It replaces almost every tool you need for successful communication between employees, even if they are in another country. Make plans according to your coworker’s schedule and make remote working easier than ever.

Sweet Process – All business documents in one place

When you are working from home, managing your documents can be a drag and can take your focus off the important thing in your business. With the SweetProcess, you will not have to worry about that anymore. The app does all that for you, so you will have the time to run the business to success. Even if the whole organization is based on remote working, it should always improve its processes. This tool provides you with crafting, editing, and engaging your processes for the company’s growth.

Remote working will be more effective because this tool provides managing your team’s knowledge and empowering you to grow your business even more. When you are not in the same room, it may be difficult to explain where the important files are. That is where this tool comes in mostly; everything is organized and ready for use. Wherever your coworker is, he can manage and organize the files with ease from home.

Slack – for all business communication

When you are working from home, and you have your employees on your video call, it is most important that you understand each other. Communication is the key because you aren’t in the same room, and you can’t physically touch and explain the work itself. This is where the tool Slack comes in handy. It’s the gold standard. Slack is the place where teamwork will be crucial to success, and the place where people work together. Make team groups, set achievements, and conquer them all. Wherever you are and your business partners, Slack is here to make your remote working more comfortable than ever. When you finish some projects as a team, Slack saves them, and you can always review it later. It’s effortless when you don’t have to remember it all, just log in and see it yourself.

You can make your business run smoothly by keeping all your conversations in one place, even if you are kilometers from your coworker. Message and video call your coworkers from home for maintaining excellent communication. Besides, when the communication is at a high level, the work will be done faster and precisely.

Zoom – for video call

If you are worked remotely with a team before, you are undoubtedly facing problems with video calls such as freezing, not understanding a word someone is saying, connection problems, etc. Zoom is one of the most famous tools for video calls. It is not the best for nothing, as it provides the best quality video calls and connection between working partners. You can also arrange video conferences or webinars between you and several people and explain to them all at once your plans for your organization. It is extremely easy and convenient.

Zoom has one of the highest customer reviews, and it gets better with updates weekly. With this tool, you can add up to 50 participants in your video conference, so that won’t be a problem. It can also be of use when you are explaining something to your coworkers. Via text is not very understandable, so that you will have no issues explaining your goals and intentions with the top-notch quality of zoom.

Solitaire – a little break from work

We can all agree that it is not suitable for a company always to be working, or always slacking. That way, the workers will not be happy and will get exhausted, resulting in bad results for the company. It is the same for remote working. You must have pauses between work so your brain can always be prepared for maximum results. Solitaire is a great card game that you can play on your break, to loosen up your mind a little. You don’t need to download anything or sign up; just click and play. If you get bored of classic solitaire, there are more than 50 different solitaire types, which are enjoyable. Making these kinds of breaks is undoubtedly going to improve your workflow and quality.

There are many great games out there in which you can enjoy simple gameplay like minesweeper with less effort, but solitaire is one of the best. It is easily playable and gratifying. It will not damage your computer’s memory at home, and It is perfect for a working environment when you are on a break because it reduces stress levels. It is a great game to stimulate your brand and have a little fun when you are not working.

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