Global BPO Company Hugo Technologies Extends Language Capabilities For Cx Clients

Hugo Technologies (Hugo) is a remote work and outsourcing company solving the most complex and pressing operational challenges for global businesses using over 2,000 highly-skilled talent from diverse black communities. Today, the company announces the expansion of its operations to Cape Verde, a Portuguese-speaking African country. This move aims to diversify its talent pool and bring new perspectives to its customer experience (CX) vertical. 

As a BPO challenging the status quo by sourcing talent from overlooked communities and geographies, Hugo has grown to service over 86 clients, including Alphabet, GoPuff, Neoway, and Worten. Cape Verde joins the U.S., Nigeria, Kenya, and Senegal as the top countries where Hugo sources its talent. This island country extends Hugo’s coverage to the 5th most spoken language globally- Portuguese, in addition to existing competencies in English, French, and Arabic.

The expansion comes with a new range of language-specific tasks, such as codifying Portuguese for AI, localization of services/products for the growing middle class in Portuguese-speaking countries, and customer service in Portuguese.

Cape Verde’s strategic location allows for seamless entry into Africa and Europe, and affords Hugo access to a young, educated workforce with a literacy rate of over 90%. The country is leveraging these two qualities for its “Digital Cabo Verde” strategy, an initiative by the government of Cape Verde aimed at promoting digital transformation. In line with this strategy, Hugo is partnering with leading ‌universities within the country, like Universidade de Santiago, to establish a direct pipeline of highly-skilled graduates seeking work experience in technology with global companies. 

Lydia Hickman, Hugo’s Country Manager in Cape Verde, commented, “This expansion will offer meaningful employment opportunities to the youth population, enabling them to gain valuable experience and become part of the global workforce while remaining in their home country.” Hickman adds, “This move is a thrilling opportunity for Hugo, as we recognize the immense potential of the young, dynamic talent in the country. We are eager to work with and empower the next generation of professionals in the republic, who are ready to make a significant impact on the world stage”. 

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