Experts On Africa Set To Bring More African Voices Into Global Debates

Experts on Africa launches its online platform, which seeks to provide newsmakers, event organisers, and policymakers worldwide with easy access to African expertise and connect African expertise with new opportunities from media training to speaking opportunities.

The platform invites Experts on Africa with a minimum of 5 years of experience from various sectors, including climate change, finance, public health and the creative industries, to register. The first phase of the launch calls for experts to register before the fully searchable and open-access database goes live in September.

Africa’s human capital is one of its greatest assets, despite its natural resources taking up most of the spotlight. Africa accounts for 15% of the global population currently and this will increase to represent 25% of the worldwide population by 2050. Africa’s growing human capital can be a tremendous asset to help solve continental and global challenges, from pandemics to climate change through to food and energy insecurity issues.

“Experts on Africa is ultimately about supporting more diverse, inclusive and international spaces for public conversations that shape the world. We want to inform the African narrative. We want to make it easier for those who set and shape the global agenda to find African experts and bring their voices closer to global debates,” says Founder Uzoamaka Madu.

The official launch event, taking place on Africa Day, 25 May is part of Africa Communications Week, gathers leading experts in the communications, media and academic landscape to discuss: ‘What’s Next: Africa Shaping the Global Agenda.’ Speakers include Moky Makura, Executive Director, Africa No Filter; Amy Niang, Associate Professor of Political Science at The Africa Institute, Sharjah; Ciku Kimeria, Africa Editor, Quartz and Preston Timeyin Ideh, Co-Founder & CEO, Stears. With moderation by Eloïne Barry, Founder and CEO, African Media Agency. 

Co-Founder of Africa Communications Week, Annie Mutamba, says: “Experts on Africa is a welcome addition to informing the African narrative. Africa is increasingly moving closer to the centre of global decision-making – having a dedicated platform to find African experts can speed up this process. “
The launch week closes with a Masterclass on How to Talk to the Media, aimed at experts who want to improve their visibility in the media, taking place on Friday, 27 May at 16:00 GMT +2.

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