Demand Africa Launches In South America And Central America On Samsung TV Plus

Demand Africa

Demand Africa, a streaming on-demand video service that  hosts original and acquired content from the African Diaspora, announces a partnership  to launch a free ad-supported linear channel on Samsung TV Plus, Samsungs free  viewing service that delivers instant access to 160 channels and growing. The  partnership will introduce Spanish and Portuguese speaking audiences across Mexico  and Brazil to a wide variety of lifestyle and entertainment series never before broadcast  in South America. 

Demand Africa’s library includes thousands of hours of premium scripted and  unscripted shows and movies from top distributors and producers from Africa and  beyond. The channel at launch will feature a curated selection of lifestyle and  entertainment series including travel and culture shows like World Wide Nate,  Muziki Ni, May’s Kitchen and Minjiba Entertains. Additional titles will include  popular dramas and movies from Nollywood and across Africa and the diaspora. 

“Demand Africa is delighted to partner with Samsung TV Plus to pursue our mission of  presenting contemporary Africa to global audiences, highlighting the diversity of the  diaspora and connecting viewers from around the world with the continent,” said Dean  Cates VP of Digital Strategy, Demand Africa. “This partnership speaks to Samsung’s  commitment to inclusivity which is especially significant considering the current push to  raise the visibility of black voices and narratives across the globe.”  

Brazil’s black population continues to rise with over 50.7% identifying as African  descent, black or mixed race according to Brazil’s 2010 census making it the second  biggest population of black citizens behind Nigeria. DA’s launch in the region gives this  significant and culturally influential demographic access to black and multicultural  programming from across the diaspora.  

“There is a significant Black audience in Brazil and it’s important that they see  themselves represented,” said Aline Jabbour, Samsung Latin America Business  Development Director. “ But that’s just the beginning of why we are doing this. Africa is 

a wellspring of creativity and offers a wealth of amazing content. Adding Demand Africa  to our more than 160 channels is part of our overall mission to give Samsung customers  even more to discover.” 

An estimated 2,576,213 million people identified as Afro-Mexican in the 2020 census,  which was heralded as the first in history that Afro-Mexicans and Mexicans from African  descent were counted. DA’s launch in the region provides culturally relevant content to  Afro-Mexicans who are increasingly seeking to connect with their African heritage in a  contemporary way and programming from across the African diaspora enables this  connection. 

“We’re bringing African content to Mexican viewers for the first time ever and it’s great  for Afro-Mexican audiences to see themselves represented,” said Aline Jabbour,  Samsung Latin America Business Development Director. 

You can watch Demand Africa on Samsung TV Plus, pre-installed on all 2016-2021  Samsung Smart TV’s and available for download on select Samsung Galaxy devices. 

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