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1Meet the Culinary Creatives Shaking Up African Food 

African food scene

The African food scene is happening, and this profile of three very different chefs demonstrates the excitement and variety awaiting diners. South African chef and restauranteur Chris Erasmus believes that when it comes to food the process is just as important as the outcome, he specialises in the fine art of foraging and heritage food. In Lagos Gbubemi Fregene also know as Chef Fregz is determined to make Nigeria the continent’s number one food destination. Selassie Atadika wants to change the way you eat. Through her new movement: the nomadic dining experience, she encourages diners to ditch restaurants and move meals outside. Atadika worked across Africa with the UN for different agencies, her humanitarian work further proved to her how food ties communities together.

2Post-Colonial Congolese Architecture: Green, Local and Volcanic

Congolese Architecture

After the end of Belgian rule, the Congo saw a dramatic shift in architecture as the new government sought a return to authenticity.  New structures incorporated reverence for ancient traditions while also attempting to display modern techniques and designs, and the results are fascinating.    Architecture in Congo has a strange, but fascinating identity. Post-colonial architecture was probably at its most exciting when Congolese architects found themselves in the middle of the massive political movement launched by Mobutu [Sese Seko] in Zaïre (former name of DR Congo). It was an interesting period as far as architecture was concerned.


3How Afrobeats’ Global Rise is Changing Carnival’s Rigid Genre Conventions


As the popularity of Afrobeats goes global, it has begun to filter into Caribbean Carnival events.  While purists try to preserve them as the domain of Soca, Afrobeats is gaining ground and contributing to a beautiful melting pot of tunes. West African afrobeats hits, like “Drogba” by Afro B, and “Soco” by Wizkid, have been making their way into Caribbean carnival celebrations for years now.


4A Guide to Exploring African Culture in Paris    

African Culture in Paris

Paris has a vibrant African culture, but it’s not something that frequently gets the attention of visiting tourists.  A new guide aims to open eyes and introduce people to this thriving part of life in France’s capital. The book, “A City Guide to Africa in Paris” aims to show tourists what they might be missing when it comes to Paris’s diverse African culture – a legacy in part of France’s colonial past – and help them explore the different neighbourhoods of the city where it can be found.


5Meet Kampire, the East African DJ Bringing New Rhythms to Dance Music   


Get to know Kampire, the East African DJ, whose exciting dance music is influenced by her travels across the continent and collaborations with underground artists. The DJ, who grew up in Zambia before moving to Kampala in Uganda, has built a reputation for her energetic DJ gigs, which are filled with the most innovative sounds from Africa and beyond: Afro-house, Latin bass, St Lucian soca, Congolese soukous, baile funk, kudoro, gqom, and other, currently nameless and undefinable genres coming out of studios in Kampala. 


6Travel-app Inventor is Revolutionising Travel across Africa

Cherae Robinson

Cherae Robinson was born and raised in the USA but her heart is firmly in Africa. Named by as one of the 10 emerging women entrepreneurs to watch in Africa and a woman to watch by the United Nations Foundation, she’s founder of Tastemakers Africa – a mobile app for booking adventurous trips recommended by local movers and shakers. Her research has taken her from fishing villages in Senegal for the Forage, Create, Connect trip to sampling the Nigerian dance craze shoki in the clubs of Lagos, which inspired a tour of the city’s live indie-music venues, and visiting The Photo Studio, a hangout of Accra’s creative set run by DJ Steloo. A fanatic foodie, Robinson has designed some delicious tours such as the seafood and honey- wine tasting trip to Essaouira in Morocco and a food crawl through Durban in South Africa.


7Why South Africa Should be Your Safari Choice

South Africa Safari

Global travel site Big 7 Travel has just announced the top safari lodges in South Africa in 2019. The results were compiled using reader feedback, user reviews, previous media coverage, and travel experts. From treetop tents to cave suites, these are SA’s most unique and luxurious places to stay for a special safari experience.Londolozi is situated on the Sand River in the heart of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve within the famous Greater Kruger National Park. Each of the five camps here have their own distinctive vibe, yet all are beautiful. Londolozi’s Private Granite Suites feature outdoor bathtubs where you can watch elephants play in the river while you soak.


8African Stops in a New Epic Adventure

Airbnb Adventures

Airbnb Adventures is a new collection of bucket-list worthy multi-day experiences hosted by local experts that take intimate groups to off-the-beaten-track locations and immerses them in unique cultures and communities. The expansion of Airbnb Experiences that provides opportunity for daring guests to channel their inner Phileas Fogg and travel Around the World in 80 Days. This epic voyage across six continents joins other Adventures now available to book through hosts on Airbnb ranging from tracking lions on foot with Sabache Warriors in Kenya to hunting for UFOs with Nate in Arizona. Introducing guests to natural wonders, cultures and communities that are hard to reach on their own, Airbnb Adventures are led by local experts and meet certain quality and safety standards. 


9Balling on a Budget in these African Destinations

African Destinations

Springtime is not only one of the most beautiful time of the year, but it is also the most affordable. After the harsh cold weather that winter brings, a little sunshine at a resort can do wonders for the soul. Seychelles is known for its idyllic beaches, delicious seafood dishes and nature. Mauritius is one of those places people go to relax and unwind. Most travellers love resorts that offer an all-inclusive rate.


10Meet Madagascar’s Wildlife this August

Madagascar’s Wildlife

The ‘Great Red Island’ is one of the planet’s great wildlife pageants, populated by mischievous lemurs, dancing sifakas, dazzling birds, mysterious aye-ayes, bug-eyed chameleons, cat-like fossas, giraffe-necked weevils… the animal cast list is vast and dizzyingly varied. Dry and cool August is prime time to witness this natural diversity, and to explore the spiny forests, jagged tsingy rock formations and fine beaches. It’s also the season for whale watching, when humpbacks pass Île Sainte Marie off the east coast, and perhaps for witnessing famadihana (turning of the bones) ceremonies, honouring and remembering the dead.


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