Zambian Court Sentences 22 Chinese Citizens for Cybercrimes

On Friday, a Zambian court handed out prison sentences ranging from seven to 11 years to 22 Chinese nationals who operated a cybercrimes syndicate from the country that targeted victims in Zambia, Singapore, Peru, and the UAE. They were also fined between $1,500 and $3,000 each after pleading guilty to computer-related misrepresentation, identity fraud, and illegally operating a network. The court handed a similar sentence to a Cameroonian national who was also a participant in the scheme. These individuals were part of a group of 77 people, majority of whom were Zambian citizens, who were arrested in April after authorities noticed a surge in cyber fraud cases as well as citizens’ complaints of money going missing from their bank accounts. During the raid, law enforcement confiscated over 13,000 SIM cards, firearms, and ammunition. The syndicate, operated under the name Golden Top Support Services, employed unsuspecting Zambians in their deceptive schemes.


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