Yannick Formbor Is Paving The Way For Youth In Africa

By Natasha Belle

This Cameroon native was allotted the opportunity to play basketball in the United States as a  teen. He’s no longer playing basketball but has paved the way for disadvantaged youth. His organization has provided the same opportunities through sports while supporting orphans in  Africa.  

Founder Yannick Formbor, 33, grew up in Douala, Cameroon a country in Central Africa. In  2003, he was invited to “Basketball Without Borders” in South Africa. He caught the attention  of coaches in the United States and pursued his educational and basketball dreams at St.  Patrick High School in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  

After high school, Formber earned a basketball scholarship to Drexel University in Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania. He graduated with a Business Administration degree minoring in  Communications.  

“After college, I did not go overseas because my daughter was still a baby and I didn’t have the  heart to be so far away from her. So, I gave up basketball.”  

Formber found a way to give back without giving up his love for basketball. Blossom Youth is a  non-profit organization with a mission to empower African youth to become tomorrow’s  leaders, through education, athletics, art, mentorship, and leadership. They have one location  in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and they work with three orphanages in Africa.  

“Basketball has a huge part in the program because it’s part of who I am and is something I  understand well. We try to promote education, sports, art, leadership through our camps and  sports event. With time we will branch out into soccer, volleyball, and other sports. We  understand that each kid is different and might have a different passion.”  

Right now, the organization’s focus is to provide better living conditions for the children at the orphanage. They will facilitate a basketball camp in the Ivory Coast and two in Cameroon,  Africa this year. Their mission is to improve people’s lives, bring hope, and make people believe in themselves again. 

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