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World Economic Forum On Africa 2017

World Economic Forum on Africa

LISTEN: Innovative Community-Centered Solutions To Improve Access To Primary Healthcare caught up with Jasper Westerink, CEO of Philips Africa, during the World Economic Forum in Durban. Philips Partners with the Government of Kenya and the United Nations (UN) to Advance the African Healthcare Agenda Philips is the first private sector partner to establish a SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Partnership Platform in Kenya for accelerating primary healthcare transformation. The announcement to partner with the Kenyan government and the UN was [...]

  • Geoffrey White, CEO Agility Africa

LISTEN: How Infrastructure Development Will Drive Economic Growth In Africa

Poor infrastructure and a lack of logistical systems is a serious thorn in Africa’s paw – without decent ports, warehouses, manufacturing centres and the roads to connect them, the continent will consistently struggle to move goods to market, and become globally competitive. Logistics’ company, Agility Africa has been tackling these challenges by building a network of manufacturing hubs across the continent in regions that have the trickiest access to some critical resources needed to [...]

  • WEF 2017

Youth Are The Antibodies Defending Our Feverish Mother

Risalat Khan is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper from the Dhaka Hub “Du-u-u-ck!” we’d yell out to warn those further down the bus roof each time another electrical wire came dangerously close to our heads. Seconds later, the slogans would resume again, “Sundarban amar ma / ujar hote debo na!”. Sundarban is my mother / won’t tolerate her smother! As the exuberant cavalcade headed towards the Sundarbans mangrove forest in southwest Bangladesh, in town [...]

  • Adam Ikdal

6 Surprising Reasons Why South Africans Are Not Big On Banks

By Adam Ikdal, Senior Partner and Managing Director, BCG South Africa South Africa is a country of both promise and peril. Despite being the largest economy on the African Continent, the nation is plagued by high levels of unemployment, a poor education system and staggering income inequality. Underscoring the country’s struggle to translate its rich natural resources and other assets into social benefit, South Africa ranked 149th out of 162 in its ability to convert [...]

  • Marieme Jamme

Who’s Listening To Who In Africa?

Marieme Jamme, Senegalese-British young global leader and Founder of Listening looks easy, but it's not simple. Every head is a world. —Cuban Proverb Dr Keneilwe Munyai recently wrote that Empathy can help solve Africa’s problems (link) but I think that listening is actually what will help solve our problems in Africa. Listening comes before empathy and it takes lots of patience to know how to listen. Marieme Jamme Image Credit: momo Amsterdam/flickr [...]

  • WEF 2017

The Road To Africa’s Future Growth Is Paved With Electronic Payments

Andrew Torre, Group Country Manager, Visa sub-Saharan Africa  Africa has enjoyed an enviable streak of strong economic growth. For the past 16 years, the region has maintained an average GDP growth rate of 5%, which has outperformed the global average by about two percentage points per annum. But recent disruptions in global commodity prices and greater competition for global trade have made the outlook for future economic growth more uncertain. Image Credit: WEF-Flickr [...]

  • Women’s World Banking’s Africa Advisory Council Addresses Financial Inclusion At WEF

Women’s World Banking’s Africa Advisory Council Addresses Financial Inclusion At WEF

Women’s World Banking’s Africa Advisory Council came together for its biannual meeting at WEF Africa to address the most pressing issues related to women’s financial inclusion. The Africa Advisory Council made up of preeminent leaders from the public and private sector across Africa has a mandate to help Women’s World Banking advocate for greater women’s financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa. By not addressing women’s financial exclusion, Africa will not be able to reach its full [...]

  • Jasper Westerink

Primary Healthcare: Strengthening Africa’s First Line Of Defence Against Pandemic Outbreaks

Jasper Westerink, CEO Philips Africa Recent pandemic and epidemic outbreaks have cast a harsh light on the standard of primary healthcare in emerging markets. In the last three years, more than 11 000 of the nearly 29 000 people infected by Ebola have died, and thousands of infants have been born with birth defects and neurological problems as a result of the Zikavirus[1]. Medical scientists predict a possible outbreak of Ebola this year[2] and economists [...]

  • Joe Kaeser - Global CEO Siemens

Siemens Signs Agreements With Uganda And Sudan

The African states signed the corresponding Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) at the World Economic Forum 2017 in the South African city of Durban Memoranda of Understanding to cooperate in the areas of power supply, industry, transportation and healthcare Focus on infrastructure investments and partnerships between public and private sectors Participation in “Make IT Alliance” to promote start-ups and technology companies in Africa Joe Kaeser - Global CEO Siemens Siemens ( will work more [...]

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