Who Offers the Best Internet Speed?

Safaricom and Airtel have kept their crown as Kenya and Nigeria’s fastest mobile operator, according to a slew of new statistics in Ookla’s Q3 Canada Market Report for 2021. According to data gathered from its speed-tracking tool, Ookla says Safaricom was the fastest mobile operator in Kenya during Q3 2021, with a ‘Speed Score’ of 29.20. In Nigeria, Ookla found that Airtel had the fastest speed score at 33.43. Interestingly, Kano State, located in the northern part of Nigeria, was named the city with the fastest mean mobile download speed ahead of Lagos at 24.76 Mbps during Q3 2021. Meanwhile, in South Africa, MTN had the fastest Speed Score (63.52) and the highest Consistency Score (91.0%). Ookla is the owner and operator of Speedtest.net, a free web service that analyses your Internet’s performance. For Q3 2021, the company provided updated analyses for 43 markets, including details on the fastest mobile and fixed broadband providers, the performance of the most popular devices and chipsets, and internet speeds in cities.


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