Virtual House Hunting in Nigeria

Nigerian startup Gidanka is providing serviced homes of varying orientation in carefully selected neighborhoods to travellers via an entirely automated check-in and check-out process and a tech-enabled management platform. Launched last July, Gidanka works with local developers and realtors to design and take out long leases on spaces in neighbourhoods determined to be travellers and tourist preferences. Each of its living spaces, whether a studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, duplex or terrace, are uniquely designed to adapt the vibe of the surrounding neighbourhoods. They are fully-serviced, uniquely furnished and highly functional living spaces, with no two serviced homes the same. Gidanka then applies tech to ensure smooth running of its homes. Travellers simply visit the website, select their preferred city and space, and make payment. Once a booking is confirmed, they receive an email and SMS notification of their door access code, and exact location of the space. Check-in is therefore automated, and Gidanka also leverages technology during the stay. Guests simply use WhatsApp to make requests for services like housekeeping, laundry and maintenance, which are fed into its backend system and automatically processed through notifications to third party service providers.


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