Uthando – Love To The World

BON; “Be Originally New” as she says symbolizes her style of music being new & deeply original to
African roots. Ever since announcing her arrival on the scene this year, every step that BON has
taken with her music has been an incredible leap forward in her career. From partnering up with the
insightful professionals at the Universal Miracle label to the release of her first spectacular single
“Carolina” in May, along with its visually dynamic storyline video, to her uThando EP in which she
says she was rushed to put out a project – BON has been making a massively memorable impression
on hearts and minds all around the globe throughout the length of a truly groundbreaking debut year
unlike any other.

Based out of Tembisa, South Africa, BON is destined to revitalize the international scene with her
vibrant crossover sound & radiantly soulful vocals. Bringing genuine class, sensational cultural vibes & sensory songs that are fully loaded with BON’s artistic passion & remarkable vocal range, the set-
list of uThando (Love To The World) is comprised of Twenty-Five tracks fully guaranteed to take her to number one, and surging into the next level of her career. Including the viral hit “Carolina” – the
uThando (Love To The World) Album is as adventurous & sincerely inspired as it is undeniably
entertaining from start to finish, creating an unforgettable experience for all to enjoy.

She takes us through her personal struggles in Bantu, Carolina & 20th
September, the day she lost her Mom. I thought I was going to come in & show my talents but I have
had to learn firsthand the cruelty of this industry. It has been a tough year having to navigate
through the pandemic, disagreements between members of my team & the personal losses I have
experienced. First, my grandmother passed away just before I began the album & my Mom, 20th

‘Bantu’ offers an impeccable introduction to the Album. While uThando features a constantly
progressing, vibrant, and alleviating melody; it has a neo feel to it infused with an afro house beat:
BON’s vocals on this song make it only fair for us to certify her as the princess of afro house!
As tough as the year has been, I have tried showing my positive outlook, youth & vigor in songs like
Weekend Special, Deeper, Realize, Sthandwa Sami (My Love), uThando, Hamba.

In Hold My Hand & $Million (Million Dollar), I have shown my capabilities in Afro-Pop/ Afrobeats
genre. One genre I hope to continue my growth as an Artist. $Million just simply shows my love for
Afrobeat, Culture & Lifestyle & it is a representation of a lady who sets a tone, my preferences in Life.

Sthandwa Sami is one of my favorite songs on the album as it talks about how Love can be although
beautiful but cruel. I try to mostly stay on the beautiful side of love while not losing the Afro Tech
vibes from my studio engineers. This is a beautiful song for all the lovers out there.

Realize is headlining my album & definitely so. It is a hypnotic sound, interesting, it sounds mid
90’s with a modern sound, great melodic directions, and original production. We showed our
creativity by matching the drums & synthesizers perfectly together. This is one for the Top of the

The House foundations of ‘Carolina’ find itself elegantly rooted in BON’s Jazz-tinged and soulful
sound. Laced with splashes of saxophone, grooving drums, and captivating synths Carolina showed
us that BON is of international caliber, with her song being streamed globally on all DSPs.
From the atmospheric vibes of her songs with her shimmering aura sparkling & shining in every
syllable she sings, the very song that established her name on the radar of the music industry
worldwide with “Carolina” – BON has held nothing back in making a debut record that displays the
pure strengths of her versatility. As beautiful as she is bold, BON’s empowered confidence,
charismatic charm, and spellbinding voice are surrounded by mesmerizing musicianship,
stunningly professional production, and material that speaks volumes on behalf of the resounding
depth & powerful conviction in every word & every note she sings.

Whilst ‘Yawa’ slightly drops the tempo, presenting a beguiling sonic creation that’s abundant with
atmosphere. All Twenty-Five tracks are of course finely polished off by BON’s enchanting vocal
performance, which finds itself effortlessly gliding between Zulu and English throughout the

With the proud backing of Universal Miracle, the faithful following of listeners from all around the
globe, and her undeniable X-factor talent – BON is inspiring a remarkable cultural revolution in
music this year.

Connect With BON
Instagram – @IamBON_SA
Twitter – @IamBON_SA

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