UDC Announces Its Election Campaign Theme


Advocate Duma Boko, the leader of the Umbrella for Democratic Change today announced that he and the UDC have appointed internationally recognised political campaigning specialists, Status to assist them with the October elections.

Status has had significant campaigning successes across Africa, “through integrated political war room solutions that incorporate a host of strategies including traditional PR, new and social media, marketing, and direct campaigning methods,” says Status CEO, Madelain Roscher. “Status will assist the UDC’s leadership in communicating its vision for change, true empowerment, inclusion and development, and through its unified front and diversified leaders, the party will continue to represent the voices and the views of Batswana.”

Boko adds, “The UDC’s campaign: Kopano Ya BOKOmoso (Unity for the Future), is aimed at every Motswana who wants to see change – NOW. The BDP has been in power since 1966, which if you look at our country’s slow economic growth, absence of innovative leadership, lack of fiscal opportunity and unacceptable unemployment rates, is 53 years too long!

“If we want to propel Botswana into the future as the economic Gem of Africa, we need to vote for unity; we need to vote for change. We require the people of our country to speak to up about wanting more but more so, to demand change. We cannot continue to allow defunct leaders to run Botswana into the ground, for personal gain. To achieve Unity for the Future, we need to be honest about the failures of our present government to ensure that our future leaders do not repeat the same mistakes,” he continues.

In terms of transparency and good governance Boko says that false allegations and mudslinging are often common practice during campaign periods, but he is adamant that as a public figure, his life is always open to public scrutiny. “I chose a life as a public servant so if anyone has any doubt about my professional or personal conduct, I welcome them to look into my affairs and to investigate any concerns. I have nothing to hide.”

He adds that dishonest accusations (about tax evasion and child support), physical threats, intimidation tactics and influenced pressure will not keep him from advocating for change in Botswana.

Kopano Ya BOKOmoso speaks to transition: by way of a comprehensive change in government, policy and a shift in mindset from the president to the people on the street. This message addresses the future aspirations of Botswana: transitioning from a traditional mindset to a growth mindset.

“The Botswana of the future MUST get our adults working, our young people schooling, international stakeholders investing, and ultimately, everybody innovating. The UDC, our leadership and I are committed to always remain inspired by the people’s needs and to lead Botswana into a bright, prosperous and inclusive unity for the future,” concludes Boko.

The UDC’s complete manifesto and campaign strategy will be announced in due course.

Susan Gitau
Susan is based in Nairobi, Kenya and fulfills the role of Media Manager at Africa.com. As Media Manager, she publishes partner content, press releases, and manages our media partnerships.