Uburu Africa

In Africa, football is the most popular sport and this continent holds an endless pool of talented players. However, with a lack of showcase opportunities this career dream is not something that is readily available to all and many football academies are unable to provide the opportunity for scouting and visibility. However this is not down to the effort they put into their players and the belief they have in them, but down to the financial requirements which create a monumental handicap to this reality. 

This is what gave Lindi Ngwenya and Doeju Goodluck, the founders of Uburu Africa, the passion and motivation to bridge this gap so that young Africans can find a balance between actively pursuing education and their football career. Lindi wanted to use all of her experience from a decade working in the football industry, to make a positive difference by committing to contribute to the growth and development of African football and this is what drives Uburu Africa. 

As many Africans see football as a sole economic motive this results in crowded trials despite there being limited chances at selection. This can create a problem for scouts as they have difficulty in selecting the players that fit the profiles they are looking for. Uburu Africa is a game changing recruitment portal that removes this problem and helps in a world that is increasingly driven by data & insight. By providing a synopsis of players’ profiles with statistics such as games played, goals scored, etc. and with the addition of HD format videos, everything a scout needs to know is readily available in one place. 

The mantra of Uburu Africa is quality and not quantity which is achieved by working with players from well-structured academies and football associations. By connecting talent to top coaches in the United States Uburu Africa creates a college pathway for players, which will increase various sets of opportunities and provides a trusted platform for colleges to pick the best talent.

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