Accra, Johannesburg and Nairobi are some of the most dynamic cities on the continent, offering a diverse range of venues from vibey nightclubs to more relaxed lounges.

In Johannesburg you could be browsing through an open market in the inner city in the morning, and sipping on cocktails on a rooftop bar in Sandton by evening.

hush nightclub in johannesburg

If you’re in West Africa, Accra offers a variety of cuisine that caters for all tastes – from eating nachos while watching Major League Baseball at a sports bar, to sipping on sake and eating raw fish at Santoku, the city’s first high-end sushi restaurant. Visiting Nairobi? Weekend options include everything from an outdoor picnic listening to live local music, to bumping to reggae sounds at one of the city’s most popular nightclubs.

Tiffany Amber, Nigeria

African fashion is hot! We’re seeing more and more local (and international) designers being innovative with the traditional African design aesthetic to appeal to global buyers. Like South Africa’s David Tlale, who was the first designer from that country invited to have a stand-alone show at New York Fashion Week. Some of our favourite African designers include Tanzania’s Anisa Mpungwe and Nigeria’s Tiffany Amber.

Angelique Kidjo, Musician

Musicians across Africa offer some of the most rhythmic and diverse sounds in the world. It’s where some of the most interesting instruments are used, like the hourglass-shaped tidinit in Mauritania or the classical nyatiti from Kenya. It’s also the birth place of world famous artists like South Africa’s LadySmith Black Mambazo and “Africa’s premier diva”, Benin-born Angelique Kidjo. It also plays host to some of the best music festivals, like the annual Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

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