Trash Gets an Environmentally Friendly Twist

Olamide Ayeni-Babajide, the founder of Pearl Recycling, says that the idea of wall decor made from corn husk is largely considered unusual. This is because it is treated as waste in some parts of the world. But having discovered that using it as an alternative was better for the environment, Olamide became inspired to devise even more ways of securing a climate friendly future. “Once I figures this out, it propelled the creative side of me to start thinking of how waste can be reused creatively in order to reduce the amount of waste that ends on dumpsites and also create an alternative source of income,” she told Ventures Africa. Pearl Recycling is a green innovation social enterprise whose aim is to create job opportunities through the creative reuse of solid waste. With a focus on the production of sustainable eco-friendly furniture and decor made from waste, the brand has trained and empowered 9800 people, sensitized 3 million people, saved 2000 tonnes of solid waste, and donated 418 chairs to schools. The company basically works towards reducing the effect of climate change on our day-to-day lives, adding a visible impact on the people in their environment.


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