The World’s Largest Hotel Chains are Behind the Rising Number of Newly Planned Hotel and Resort Projects in Africa     

At the end of 2023, international hospitality chains had 524 hotels with over 92,000 rooms in their pipelines across 41 African countries, due to a 9.2% increase in new deals from the previous year. It’s the largest annual increase since 2018, according to W Hospitality Group, a consultancy that has tracked hotel projects in Africa for over a decade. U.S. multinationals Marriott, Hilton, Radisson, and French chain Accor have the most newly commissioned hotel projects in Africa, to date. With IHG Hotels, a British chain, the five companies account for two in three hotel projects across the continent, W Hospitality’s latest tally shows. These hospitality groups and 42 others have active deals in 41 African countries to build hotels or resorts. Resorts have become of particular interest with new deals increasing 32%. Zanzibar typified the interest in new resorts with a doubling of new signed projects over the past year.


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