Zimbabwe’s Health Services Go Back to Normal

Around 16,000 nurses in Zimbabwe resumed work bringing to an end one week of strikes that affected health services in the country. The nurses went on strike last Monday to press home demands for improved allowances and irregular salary grading system. Continue Reading

What’s Happening in Madagascar?

Thousands of Madagascan opposition supporters returned to the streets on Monday to protest against the president and a deadly crackdown by security forces on demonstrations. Continue Reading

How Africa Channelled the #MeToo Campaign

Conversations are also happening online, where the hashtags #Afrifem and #FeministSparks, among others, provide insight into African feminists’ work and world views. It is these voices that need to come to the fore in global discussions. Continue Reading

Economic Integration in Africa is Becoming More of a Reality

African companies, including airlines, financial institutions and telecoms operators are leading this charge with BCG’s report identifying 75 companies across 18 countries whose businesses are leading to further integration. Continue Reading

Ivory Coast Weans Itself off Coffee

To diversify, the country is looking to turn itself into a start-up hub. Ivory Coast’s national distance learning center has joined with telecom giant Orange — which controls a quarter of the country’s mobile phone market — to increase access to vocational education and mid-career training. Continue Reading

Government Hopes to Protect Egypt’s Fragile but Valuable Tourism Industry

For some tourists at Egypt’s renowned archaeological sites, being hectored to buy pieces of parchment, a camel ride or an alabaster statue is all part of the experience. But the harassment might become a thing of the past. Continue Reading

Why Young People in Africa are Getting Addicted to Online Betting

The growth in mobile money services has created new opportunities for merchants to sell their products and services. One of these is the fast-growing sports betting sector which has taken a number of African countries by storm. Continue Reading

How will Zimbabwe’s 99-year Leases Work?

Under Mugabe’s administration, white farmers were given leases that were renewable every five years, something critics say stripped farmers of security of tenure. Despite ongoing uncertainties, some white farmers are already back on the land, thanks to Mugabe’s departure. Continue Reading

Sorting out DRC’s Crisis

The Southern Africa Development Conference will discuss the Democratic Republic of Congo’s efforts to hold elections and stabilize the country. SADC last week opened an office in Kinshasa to support the country as it prepares for the election amid rising violence. Continue Reading

Have You Heard of Kitenge Fridays?

You may have heard of dress-down Fridays. The East African Community recently recommended people in the area wear the colourful cotton fabric on Fridays. Continue Reading

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