Ngoma Africa Band on action

The Ngoma Africa Band – Golden Voice of East Africa

The Ngoma Africa Band aka FFU also known as Anunnaki alien, the most successful African live Band based in Germany has been vastly gaining popularity through an extraordinary East African rhythm which always drives the Europeans fans crazy.

It’s more than two decades now that Band has a very concrete and stable recognition in the music market. This can be proved due to the invitations and engagements of the band in different international music festivals.
It was only recently the Ngoma Africa Band performed in town and the outskirts of Tübingen , during the fastest and largest growing diaspora cultural event worldwide.

The natural dynamic music of the singers of the Ngoma Africa Band as a result of largely a fusion and research between traditional and modern elements, creating a completely irresistible dancing groove and hypnotic sounds that make the fans always going wild. The fans are the one who baptised the band into several names like FFU (Field Force Unit), because you are hit by music by this force, also known as the Anunnaki aliens from special planet who appear on stage with only one job to thrill and make fans crazy!or  “watoto wa mbwa ” which means the fierce puppies because when you come across there rhythm you have no choice, one way or the other you will be bitten by the beat, its a metaphorical expression which means find yourself unconsciously dance!

All the compositions are written by the Ngoma Africa band leader Ebrahim Makunja aka commander Ras Makunja. The Ngoma Africa has two albums and several singles that topped the East African Charts. The domination of the music through international radios and other media is no doubt an evidence. And all Albums and singles have become favorites. Always returning to the charts. The radios playing in a compilation thread like, because all the tracks you don’t want to forget or ignore , attempt to resist no chance!.

More than 100,000,000 fans are estimated to admire the band, according to the different media sources. The band has gained the reputation the same to the cultural institution or music academy because most of the musicians and dancers were once fans or those who adored the band before. For instance the youngest soloist Matondo Benda and even the drummer Jo Sousa aka sergeant Major Jo Sousa,Gaiilo Djambo, were once fans who always followed the band wherever they performed.

Ngoma Africa Band led and founded by Kamanda Ras Makunja have talented musicians like Flora William,Jessicha Ouyah,Glory Mundeke,Aj Nbongo,Mo Benda,Gaiilo Proof, including multi-talented Chris-B Bakotessa.
The fans’ emotions, feelings, happiness, tears, smiles, laughs, memories, kilometers driven travelling, new friendships, old friendships getting together and stronger. Love, affection, support, planes, airports, train stations, visiting new places are all the results and experiences one makes during concerts,“All concerts were and are as special to us“ insisted the fans in Tubingen!

The Band is owned by the fans, that’s why it’s hard during concerts for the security to calm down the storm of the fans who are dragging to reach to the edges and premises of the platform or the stage.

The Ngoma Africa Band is the first and foremost group to build a bridge reinforced with East African danceable concrete rhythm which connects people all over the World. It has fans from all over till to the borders of Mexico and Venezuela who are profiting by listening through the band’s website.That is one of the main reasons why the Band is eager to make a World Tour because the fans are longing for the band and commenting and acquiring the band to perform on their stages.

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