The New King Of Nigerian Hip-hop /Rap

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY by way of West Africa. “King Plu” is a Nigerian-American artist born to traditional African parents. Raised by his late beloved mother, who instilled in him the value of education at a very young age. She had aspirations for him to become a doctor, but despite his mother’s desire for him to pursue a career in medicine, Plu was drawn to sounds and had an affinity for poetry & music. 

While attending The University of Houston, “King Plu” began pursuing a professional career in music. After graduation, Plu became a member of the Hip Hop group 4th & Inchez, releasing 3 albums and 2 mixtapes. Plu later joined a group called The Union, and together they put out 4 mixtapes and toured within the South. After the disbandment of the group in 2011, Pluto went on to writing and composing music for several artists when he joined the songwriting collective called The Four. He worked on records with Music World, home to Destiny’s Child, Sabrina Antoinette (Chris Brown’s former artist), Cash Money Records, Lil Flip and many more. In addition to writing for artists, Plu has performed alongside J. Cole, Drake, Fabulous, Wale, DMX, Rick Ross, Slim Thug, and more.

Plu reps and resides in Brooklyn, NY where he has built a name for himself by revisiting his Nigerian roots and experimenting with the rhythmic sounds of Africa through Afrobeats / Afrofusion and Hip-hop. Releasing singles and PluMixes to several records like CKay’s global smash “Love Nwantiti” which had streaming numbers well over 150K in less than a week and Tiwa Savage’s hit single “Somebody’s Son” which she featured on her instagram home page and it generated over 100k + views and over 55K likes and impressions in just 3 days. 

Plu has garnered widespread attention in the Afrobeats music scene, through consistently putting out records and mixes. He has certainly lived up to his name as the new KING of Nigerian rap with his witty wordplay, punchlines, metaphors, double/triple entendres, precise and crisp delivery coupled with an undeniable finesse on a record. 

He recently released a record/video “Free Heat” and I think you should definitely check it out. Genre is Hip-hop / Drill. “Free Heat” is a record about fake friendships, fake love and fake well-wishers. People who smile in your face but hurt you behind your back. “It’s crazy how the people that hurt you the most are the ones closest to you…” Let that sink in while you listen to this record. 

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