The Future Of SA Hip Hop Is Looking Bright As Kiddo CSA Releases His Newest EP So Far, So Great

‘It is an artist’s duty to reflect the times in which we live’, this statement by Nina Simone is an axiom by which Kiddo CSA lives. His current release So Far, So Great, is his take on the emotional energy that flows in and out of human existence. He has an acute awareness of where he is in life and the forces, including his own will, that go him here. Kiddo CSA’s music, at this point in time, is almost magical in how he connects himself with the people closest to him, both living and with him in spirit. 

Kiddo CSA’s conceptual interests lie heavily in finding new ideas and moulding new energy to expand South African Hip Hop and music overall. So Far, So Great is his attempt at this and how he might present a body that reflects his creative spirit while also inspiring listeners to look within for the answers they seek to move their own lives to the next level. 

So Far, So Great begins with ‘By My Side, a tune where Kiddo CSA teleports back to high school when he first fell in love. In the London Rhodes produced number he explores how a specific relationship has informed his response and resolve now. In the next three songs, the rapper uses to process self-love. In ‘Letter 2 Myself’ (produced by TriggaNasty) says ‘Life begins when you release all stress’ and imagines what that looks and feels like. ‘Blessed’ embraces freedom and self-expression, allowing Kiddo CSA to work through his doubts and fears and know just how blessed he is to be alive. The last song ‘Higher’, is the most emotional Kiddo CSA has ever been. The song has elements of his late girlfriend and he processes many other situations in his life from which he needed to move higher in this particular song the rapper says: 

‘I didn’t specifically put her [my girlfriend] on the front end of it all… there are other issues discussed in the song that I was able to deal with, her death being one of them. So to move past that is for life to take me higher… As the chorus goes and cries out for me to go higher … to a place where I don’t ever have to go back to when I was writing that song’ 

The lead track for the album ‘Go’ is a moment for the rapper to hop on a more fast-paced, Trap-focused number produced by King JillzKiddo CSA is on the go, on the run, and about his paper. The number is meant to encourage people, regardless of aspiration, to get going and push forward on their dreams. 

So Far, So Great is full of energy and spirit, a foundation laid by producers London RhodesTriggaNasty, and King Jillz which Kiddo CSA over which Kiddo CSA effortlessly flows. Kiddo CSA has described his story and journey into his purpose as one filled with divine intervention. This awareness is present throughout the EP and he raps about how it has kept him going. The future looks bright for the new wave rapper not only because he is well on his way to superstardom but because he believes and embodies it. 

‘So Far, So Great’ Track Listing:

  1. By My Side
  2. Letter 2 Myself
  3. Blessed
  4. Go
  5. Higher

So Far, So Great is now live, listen/stream here:

Follow his journey here: 

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