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The Exclusive Virtual Event IW Tech Day 2021 West Africa

Important Questions About Reliable Infinet Wireless Solutions

Infinet Wireless , a global leader in wireless broadband innovation, will host IW Tech Day 2021 West Africa, its first online conference exclusively designed for engineers and specialists in the field of wireless technology in French. It will be held on June 23, 21 at 3 p.m. (WAT).
The IW Tech Day 2021 West Africa virtual event will address the most relevant questions often asked in the telecommunications industry as the world of technology continues to evolve. Technicians want to know how to deploy a reliable radio link and improve signal strength; what to do with increasing traffic without sacrificing quality, and how to choose reliable equipment and a vendor who will support you in all circumstances.
“Solid experience in the development and production of high-tech solutions enables us to guarantee excellence in the high quality and reliability of the products and services we offer to our customers”, says Andrey Koynov, Technical Director of Infinet.
During the virtual event our experts from the R&D Department, the technical support team from the IW Academy training center will answer the most important questions for engineers and technical specialists in the field of wireless technology. It will also be possible to ask questions through our online chat during the exclusive IW Tech Day 2021 West Africa virtual event.
The IW Tech Day 2021 program includes the following topics:

  • Stable operation of radio links and guaranteed network speed
  • Equipment operation in the face of interference and adverse weather conditions
  • What operators should do when faced with the frequency deficit in the frequency bands traditionally used
  • How are Infinet Wireless solutions created and developed
  • How are Infinet Wireless solutions tested
  • Infinet Wireless Equipment Lifecycle
  • How we hold quality assurance
  • How we support our clients
  • Infinet Wireless services offered to customers

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