The Case for Digital Payment Solutions for Africa’s Travel Systems

From South Africa to Nigeria and all the countries around and in-between, transportation stakeholders in Africa are increasingly leaning on emerging technologies in commuting applications, customer data information management, and payments to find innovative solutions that will deliver a seamless service delivery for their customers. This continent’s wide quest to leverage technology has become imperative, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Key players in aviation, port, rail and road sub-sectors are seeking to alleviate the many pain points that afflict the industry, while enabling seamless and efficient systems alongside a passenger experience that will usher in development and sustainable prosperity for operators. However, there is a worrying sluggishness to the adoption of digital payment solutions across the continent. This is not unrelated to a number of irksome issues around the payment experience such as stressful processes and a question of trust, which have combined to complicate matters for travel passengers. For example, while most frequent air travelers know that purchasing tickets online is not only more affordable than buying over the counter, it is also far more convenient, but many passengers still put up with the stress of physical purchases. 


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