Texila scholarships renew hopes for deserving students

The pandemic has left a mark in everyone’s lives, and the student community has seen one of the most massive disruptions, with educational institutions switching to online platforms to ensure continuity in learning. 

Along with this, students are struggling to meet educational expenses – a problem that some colleges are resolving through scholarships. Among the institutions that went the extra mile to help students is Texila American University (TAU).

The university has been supporting students to democratize education, and the pandemic has only intensified its initiatives to take the deserving students under its wings. Texila offers scholarships with a 10% to 20% waiver on tuition fees for eligible students enrolling in undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs.

Texila American University has been pushing the boundaries of medical and management education in Africa and South America and has set its sights on 23 other countries in the region to widen access to higher education of aspiring students to attire the vision and mission of our envision Founder & President Mr. Saju Bhaskar and Co-Founder & Executive Vice President Mrs. Chitra Lakshmi.

Supported by a state-of-the-art infrastructure, a stellar line-up of faculty and mentors, and a well-structured curriculum, Texila has made education accessible to deserving students. The university has awarded 100s of scholarships in its fledgling 10-year journey to recognize academic excellence and financial needs.

The extensive range of scholarships has rewarded academic excellence and enabled students from many backgrounds to study at an international university, ensuring equity in education. Though the scholarship programs are highly competitive, offered several partial scholarships to support eligible students as much as possible. Both the local and international students are eligible for a partial scholarship based on academic achievements. The partial scholarships cover 10% to 20% of the tuition fees.

The various scholarship programs that helped students carve a path in the career of their choice include Texila American University – Kenneth Kaunda Scholarship, Academic Excellence Scholarship, MD Scholarship, TAU Global Citizen Grant, TAU- CARICOM Scholarship, and TAU- Guyana Scholarship.

With a rising presence in Zambia, Texila has been providing new hopes for medical aspirants who wished to make a difference in healthcare delivery in their country. As an alumnus of Texila American University (TAU) said, “I decided to not wait for patients in my screening room, rather go out there to salvage whatever health left in them.”

Texila American University is socially invested in Zambia and is committed to building human resource capability in the country whose meritorious students with partial, complete, and discount-based scholarships.

The university would primarily aim at increasing access to medical education in Zambia that according to the World Health Organization, has a doctor-patient ratio of 1:12,000. Texila hopes to support the efforts of the Zambian government, whose National Human Resources for Health Strategic Plan (2018-2024) plans to double the human workforce within this period. 

The following full-time and part-time programs offered by Texila American University Zambia campus is accredited by Higher Education Authority (HEA).  

Undergraduate Programs in Medicine
· Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degree

Bachelor’s Degrees 
· Bachelor of Public Health
· Bachelor of Business Administration
· B.Sc. in Project Management
· B.Sc. in Marketing
· B.Sc. in Finance and Accounting

Master’s Degrees
· Master of Public Health
· Master of Business Administration
· Master of Science in Banking and Insurance
· Master of Science in Project Management 

The following part-time Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management, Banking & Insurance and Master of Science in Marketing, Human Resource, Finance and Accounting programs are in anticipation of Higher Education Authority accreditation.  

Texila American University also offers online and Blended learning programs from Bachelors to Doctoral levels modes in collaboration with the Central University of Nicaragua.

Bachelor’s Degree
· Bachelor of Business Administration

Master’s Degrees
· Master of Public Health
· Master of Business Administration
· Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

Doctoral Degrees
· Ph.D. in various disciplines like Public Health, Management, Nursing, Clinical Research, Guidance & Counselling Psychology, Information Technology, Education, Political Science, Library Science
· Doctor of Public Health Administration
· Doctor of Business Administration

To achieve academic excellence and serve a diverse student population, Texila American University accepts students from more than 20 countries within Africa. As a truly global and socially responsible institution, Texila intends to expand its reach for affordable international quality education to every country within Africa.

Distributed byAfrican Media Agency (AMA)on behalf of Texila. 

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