If you want to learn more about the history and origins of a place or a country, museums always offer enlightening insight through a collection of artefacts and other objects. Africa is home to countless museums that vividly tell the story of the continent – the painful past, the rich history, the powerful art, and the fascinating discoveries. From Mauritius to Senegal and Ethiopia and all the way up to Egypt, we have selected a few museums that will offer you an look into the vast and diverse history and culture of Africa.

1House of Slaves – Senegal

House of Slaves - Senegal

2Egyptian Museum – Egypt

Egyptian Museum - Egypt

3Apartheid Museum – South Africa

Apartheid Museum - South Africa

4Nairobi National Museum – Kenya

Nairobi National Museum - Kenya

5Blue Penny Museum – Mauritius

Blue Penny Museum - Mauritius

6National Museum of Ethiopia – Ethiopia

National Museum of Ethiopia - Ethiopia

7Red Castle Museum – Libya

Red Castle Museum – Libya

8Benin City National Museum – Nigeria

Benin City National Museum – Nigeria

9Museum Of Modern Art Of Algiers – Algeria

Museum Of Modern Art Of Algiers – Algeria

10Iziko Museums – South Africa

Iziko Museums – South Africa
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