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Reflecting On The AU’s 2018 Theme: “Winning The Fight Against Corruption”

African citizens consistently place corruption amongst their top concerns, with many indicating that they have lost faith in many key institutions, including legislatures, police, courts, and national electoral commissions.

Football Bribes Investigator Shot Dead

A Ghanaian undercover journalist has been shot dead while driving home, after a politician called for retribution against him. Unidentified men on motorbikes shot Ahmed...

Hundreds of Kenyan Activists March Against Corruption

Carrying signs saying "Kenya is bleeding" and "Stop These Thieves," hundreds of people marched on Thursday in Nairobi to protest against widespread corruption and...

How Africa Fares In The Corruption Perceptions Index 2016

The Corruption Perceptions Index 2016 is out, the report is compiled by global anti-graft watchdog Transparency International and measures perceived levels of public sector...

In Uganda: Women Fighting Corruption

Since 2003, Joyce Nangobi has been on a mission to help other women fight corruption. “It started as a necessity”, she says. At the...