Seasoned Motswana Superstar Robyn L Drops New Single “Obsession”

In the dynamic landscape of alternative pop music, independent artist Robyn L emerges as a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Botswana and splitting her time between Gaborone, Cape Town, and Los Angeles, Robyn L has captured the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide with her distinct and introspective style.

Listen to ‘Obsession’ here:

Following the success of her debut single, “Malibu Barbie,” which amassed over 1 million streams within its first year of release, Robyn L continues to make waves in the industry. The Botswana-born artist has cultivated a global fan base with a TikTok following exceeding 400k.

“I’m excited for this release!” says Robyn L. “Obsession” is the first new song for 2024, with several more on the cards, all ahead of the upcoming album. I’ve worked with fabulous writers and producers, and to bring my work back home to Botswana and South Africa has been top of my list”.  

Robyn L’s music is a testament to her versatility, seamlessly blending influences from various genres to create captivating soundscapes. Her upcoming single, “Obsession,” is poised to captivate audiences with its unique sound and compelling narrative.

A recent graduate from Berklee College of Music, class of 2024, where she earned a degree in songwriting, the 21-year-old artist is primed to leave an indelible mark on the music world. With an anticipated album release date set for late August 2024, Robyn L is on a mission to become a household name and a pioneer in the music industry.

Robyn L invites fans and music enthusiasts alike to join her on this exciting journey as she establishes herself as a rising star in the alternative pop scene. Follow her on social media: @RobynLmusic

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