SATEC: Revolutionizing Food Supply In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Supply In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Situated in Goma-Nord-Kivu, DRC, SATEC (Sapientia Technologies and Engineering Company), a Congolese manufacturer led by a group of young entrepreneurs, is transforming the local food economy—one incubator at a time.

The poultry industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo has long faced insecurity and heavy reliance on international imports. Alarming statistics reveal that over 90% of Congolese poultry farmers import their chicks, resulting in significant financial losses and capital flight. Aware of this challenge, SATEC saw an opportunity to bring production closer to Congolese customers. Their mission was clear: revolutionize the poultry industry to reduce food insecurity and foster self-reliance within the region.

Specializing in the innovation and manufacturing of automatic egg incubators, SATEC began with hand-made production, one machine at a time. Then, in 2022, SATEC made significant progress with the support of a USADF grant through the Eastern Congo Initiative. The company was thus able to acquire state-of-the-art machinery and a modernized factory, considerably increasing its production capacity. In just 7 months, SATEC managed to produce 13 incubators, doubling its previous manufacturing rate. These state-of-the-art incubators have the capacity to produce up to 5,000 chicks per unit, marking a significant advancement in local poultry production.

Job creation is at the heart of SATEC’s efforts. With eight permanent employees, including three women, the company prides itself on creating direct and indirect employment opportunities. Additionally, SATEC clients, recognizing the positive impact of their investments, commit to employing young adults on their own farms. By offering paid jobs, SATEC plays an important role in the fight against youth unemployment and the prevention of their recruitment into armed groups.

SATEC’s reach extends beyond its local community. To date, the company has managed to supply its incubators in regions including North Kivu, Kinshasa, Matadi, Bukavu, Kasaï, and Lubumbashi. With an ambitious vision, SATEC aims to be a key player in the future of Congo and beyond.

Original Source: USADF

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