Sahiba Foundation

Sahiba Foundation Aims To Embrace And Support The Country’s Women

Primrose-based non-profit organisation (NPO) Sahiba Foundation is there to care for women.

The NPO was registered in May 2019 and embraces and supports all women, especially those who are abused, vulnerable and mentally and physically challenged.

“We aim to cover the gaps and help those women in communities who cannot help themselves,” said Zuma Nkomo, one of the founders of the organisation.

The other founders are Chantelle Fourie and Talent Masondo.

The organisation offers women both emotional support, as well as material support in the form of toiletries, food and clothing.

Women who need assistance mainly contact the Sahiba Foundation through its Facebook page (Sahiba Foundation) by sending the foundation a message or by people in the community contacting them and telling them about women in need.

They also have some organisations who refer women to them.

Zuma said they can also be contacted on their LinkedIn page (Sahiba Foundation) and on Twitter (@NpoSahiba).

If the organisation cannot help the women they will refer them to organisations that can.

Zuma told the GCN that the organisation works countrywide and in Germiston they often help women in the Marathon informal settlement.

“We have been working in our personal capacities and feel that we are not reaching our full potential.

“However, if businesses and other individuals come on board with us we will be able to help more women,” Zuma said.

“We need food, clothing and monetary donations to assist women in need.”

The NPO receives no government funding and is appealing to businesses to assist.

“When women need specialised psychological help or social workers to assist them we pay these professionals for their services, as well as find money to obtain food, clothing and toiletries,” Zuma said.

Zuma said the trio started the organisation because if you look at society these days with gender-based violence being rife and women being killed they felt they could make a difference.

“A lot of people have been inspired through what we do,” Zuma said.

“We need to take a stand and do something to make a difference.

“Each and every day we receive an inbox message about someone in need of assistance and we can’t ignore them, we have to help.”

Zuma added that he finds it inspiring and motivating to be involved in people’s lives and to help bring smiles to their faces.

He told the GCN that last year the team got the opportunity of visiting Colombo in Sri Lanka.

“We spent time at an orphanage where we taught the children English, played mind-games with them and motivated them,” said Zuma.

“Spreading the love to these children was very nice and we learnt a lot being part of the project.”

He added they have also worked with the El-Shammah Home for Abandoned Babies and Place of Safety in Primrose, a women’s organisation in Mpumalanga, and with organisations in East London, Port Elizabeth, Rustenburg and Durban.

To assist Sahiba Foundation or to find out more information about the organisation contact Chantelle by calling 078 738 5888 or 087 510 0950 or email to

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