Report: Landscape Analysis of AI Startups in Africa

AI Startups in Africa

AfriLabs has released a comprehensive report titled “Landscape Analysis of AI Startups in Africa,” providing a detailed mapping of AI startups across the continent. This research categorizes startups by their focus areas, stages of development, and geographical distribution, while examining the challenges and opportunities these startups face within Africa’s unique socio-economic landscape.

Key Highlights:

AI in Africa: AI, as a branch of science that studies and develops intelligent machines, is a significant component of the fourth industrial revolution. AI is rapidly evolving within the African innovation ecosystem, with startups leveraging AI to address needs in various sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, finance, education, fintech, climate change, public transport, logistics, enterprise development, and language translation.

Methodology: The study utilized proprietary vocabulary to discover and extract qualified startups from literature, online resources, and AfriLabs’ extensive datasets. A snowballing approach was integrated to ensure wide and diverse coverage, including both rural and urban areas. Iterative methods were applied to review and incorporate missing and new information throughout the research process.

Data Collection: The methodology included desk research, interviews, focus group discussions, case studies, and surveys. Data was analyzed using tools such as Python, PowerBI, Tableau, and DAX.


  • 63% of AI startups in Africa are in the initial and intermediate stages of development.
  • Major challenges include limited funding, regulatory barriers, lack of data access, inadequate infrastructure, and skills shortages.
  • AI startups are supported by a robust ecosystem of research institutions, universities, government bodies, corporates, incubators/accelerators, investors, and NGOs.

Opportunities: AI presents significant potential to revolutionize businesses, increase efficiency, and solve socio-economic challenges. However, the adoption and impact of AI technologies in Africa remain relatively low.


  • Lack of technical skills, structured data, government policies, and institutional capacity.
  • Ethical and governance issues, including the risk of displacing workers and digital divides.


  • Enhance collaborative networks for resource sharing within the AI ecosystem.
  • Develop functional AI-based tech communities and motivate investors to invest in AI startups.
  • Support women and female-led AI initiatives and address gender gaps in education, skills, finance, and networks.
  • Establish African-based datasets and infrastructure to support AI growth.
  • Governments should nurture a conducive innovation ecosystem and adopt collective policymaking similar to European countries.
  • Focus on bridging the digital divides to ensure a digitally skilled workforce.
  • Promote ethical and governance frameworks to strengthen shared values across African countries.

AI startups in Africa have the potential to drive socio-economic growth and sustainable development. The study emphasizes the need for responsible AI development and adoption, with actionable recommendations to foster excellence in AI innovation. AfriLabs, supported by BMGF, aims to drive the continent forward through strategic pillars such as Research, Evidence, and Learning.

For a more in-depth understanding and to access the full report, click here.

About AfriLabs:
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