Reimagining South Africa: It’s Time For Business to Step Up

Business In South Africa

“There is a tremendous amount of business achievements to celebrate in South Africa, and its best times lie ahead. The first 21 years of democracy have been a profound period of growth, transformation, experimentation, and nation building. What is South Africa’s true potential, and what can be done to unlock it?

In Reimagining South Africa: 20 reflections by leaders from South Africa and beyond, McKinsey brings together thought leaders to share their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing the country.”

In this EXTRACT from the book, Wiphold Executive Director Gloria Serobe shares her thoughts on building the country.


I am an optimist about South Africa. I know we can take our place in the first rank. We have the people, we have the resources and we have the will, but getting there will require everyone to do their part.
We just need to get started.” – GLORIA SEROBE