Proflight Announces 2024 Flight Schedule To Kafue National Park

Discover and immerse yourself in the vast wilderness of Zambia’s Largest National Park

In anticipation of the upcoming peak tourism season, Proflight Zambia has announced its annual scheduled flights to the Kafue National Park beginning June 1, 2024.

The flights offer ease of access and connectivity to one of Africa’s largest parks for both local and international travellers.

Through Procharter, the airline will connect Lusaka, and Chunga in the Kafue National Park, with a three-times-weekly service to run from June 1 to October 31, 2024. 

“Holiday makers and adventure seekers can look forward to enjoying the park’s natural beauty at its peak, providing a unique experience of the diverse wonders of the vast wildlife,” said Proflight Zambia Director of Flight Operations, Captain Josias Walubita.

Positioned near the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) and African Parks Headquarters, Chunga is considered to be the central hub of the Kafue National Park and is centrally positioned to service both the North and the Southern parts of the park.

“Chunga serves as a gateway to the rest of Kafue National Park. From here, travellers can easily transfer via vehicle or opt for charters in smaller aircrafts to explore either side of the park,” he added.

The success of this initiative is credited to the support of the DNPW, African Parks, and the Kafue Park Operators Association (KPOA). 

Ian Pollard, Commercial and Enterprise Manager at African Parks, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaborative effort stating that the increased accessibility into the area will benefit tourists, the local communities, as well as other stakeholders in the area.

Kafue National Park, Park Manager Craig Reid said: “A key aspect of the long-term restoration of Kafue is enabling tourism access. We are very excited to be working with Proflight on this and hope for additional options to be available in the future. This schedule enables tourists to access the Park quickly and affordably, key elements for travellers planning their bush getaways.”

Procharter will, on behalf of Proflight, operate a 12-seat Caravan aircraft on this route on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with flights scheduled for departure from Lusaka at 10:30 and arriving in Chunga at 11:35; thereby providing seamless connections from Mfuwe, Livingstone, as well as Lower Zambezi morning flights on selected days. Flights from Chunga will depart at 12:15 and arrive in Lusaka at 13:20 to connect onto international flights as well as to Mfuwe, Livingstone and Lower Zambezi. 

Flights can be booked on the Proflight website,, through a Proflight office or through any Proflight Ticketing Partner as flights are loaded in the airlines reservations system and the GDS.

Proflight has ambitious plans to expand its flight schedule with the aim of offering direct connections to Livingstone and other vital airstrips within Kafue, including Lufupa and Ngoma. This will serve to enhance accessibility to different regions of the park, opening up further opportunities for travel and tourism.

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