Pfizer & Government Of Uganda: Boosting Access To Innovative Health & Strengthening Health Systems In Uganda

Pfizer and the Government of Uganda are committing to work together under the recently launched Accord for a Healthier World to enable access to Pfizer’s full portfolio of patented medicines and vaccines on a not-for-profit basis. Pfizer and the Ugandan government are also committing to work together with multi-sector partners to enable more efficient access pathways and address access barriers including technical expertise, training, diagnostic capacity, innovative financing, and more.

Uganda is the fifth African country to endorse the Accord since its launch in May 2022. Pfizer will also share updates on progress in other Accord markets.


Pfizer has been delivering life-changing breakthroughs across Africa for over 70 years. The launch of an Accord for a Healthier World is the company’s most recent and largest-scale initiative to date focused on enabling better health and prosperity for the continent. Uganda is strongly committed to addressing and eliminating health disparities that have persisted for far too long globally.


The Accord will enable supply of Pfizer’s patented medicines and vaccines available in the U.S. or EU on a not-for-profit basis in Uganda and, beyond supply, will kick start work to address access barriers and strengthen the health system in the country. The collaboration has the potential to increase trade flow with Accord countries and establish new public/private partnerships.

Across the continent, the Accord has the potential to improve health for more than 780 million people.