Over 55,000 African Doctors have Left the Continent to Global North Countries

Africa’s healthcare systems are grappling with a severe shortage of African doctors due to the exodus of medical professionals leaving the continent in search for better career prospects and higher salaries in high-income countries of the Global North. According to a recent study, Africa has lost over 55,000 doctors from its health systems to Global North countries. In many affected nations, the scarcity of trained doctors has resulted in a significant portion of healthcare responsibilities falling upon medical interns. The report by The Continent highlights that, among the African countries experiencing this drain of medical professionals, Egypt has suffered the greatest loss. The report noted that Egypt boasts the lowest doctor-to-patient ratio among its North African counterparts. The report identifies the United Kingdom as the primary destination for African doctors, followed by the United States, France, Canada, Germany, and Ireland, in that sequence. According to the report, these countries offer enticing prospects of advanced healthcare facilities, greater professional development opportunities, and better living standards


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