Ohangla Musician Javan MacAjudo Releases Hit Single “Jend Hera”

Offering an antidote to the January blues and general empirical trepidation that’s all too easy to fall prey to, Ohangla producer and singer Javan MacAjudo returns with “Jend Hera”.

‘Jend Hera’, a Luo word that translates to an abyss of love, is already trending on YouTube with over 40,000 views. It is also trending on TikTok with over 10,000 videos using sound recording.

Javan is not only a singer but a producer who has worked with various artists including but not limited to Prince Indah on the song ‘Te Amo’, Aqeeno Chogo, Koffi Macadory, Kaka Talanta, Eddah Ayon, and many more.

Having wrapped up 2023 with chart-topping productions from Zacky Jaimbo and Eddah, plus his first-ever award for Best Music Producer at the annual Marwa Awards, Javan’s attacking the new year with some fire in his belly. If he required an elixir, it sounds like it’s done the trick.

He is currently the most sought-after Ohangla musician and producer, from gracing major events in the country to producing chart-topping songs. Javan’s energy, delivery, and storytelling contribute to his song’s overall replay value.

MacAjudo has been doing music for over a decade now and this is just a reintroduction for a self-proclaimed Ohangla genius who is doing it his way.

His delivery and lyrical fortitude allow his listeners to move their feet to his sound even if they can’t relate to selling a brick or ducking the police. His vocals are tender yet injected with soulful depth and vulnerability, amplifying the emotional resonance of the song.

Watch ‘Jend Hera’ produced and performed by Javan MacAjudo below:

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