Ohangla Maestro Freddy Jakadongo, Joins Hands With New Songstress Joanne On New Song “Hera Maua”

Famous ohangla musician, Freddy Jakadongo has been enlisted in a new collaboration dubbed ‘Hera Maua’ with budding star Joanne.

Joanne, born as Joanne Rakwach in Mbita, Homabay county is a commerce graduate from Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology (JKUAT) and also hosts a weekly YouTube talk show where she discusses human interest stories, mental health issues, and popular stories.

Being an avid reader, writer, and actress, she had always had a passion for music, which got her into Freddy Jakadongo’s band as a backup singer. She looks up to Freddy as a mentor.

Her debut song, Hera Maua is a love ballad that talks about how exciting love gets at the beginning then it slowly gets raw and dry with time, just like a flower.

Thanks to digital liberation, ohangla artists like Freddy Jakadongo have kept the airwaves pulsating with their music crossing boundaries that no one ever imagined to be on the cards. From doing sold-out Europe tours to filling up local pubs both at home and abroad, Jakadongo is a notable name in almost every millennial’s mind.

With two albums under his belt, Freddy is a prominent name in both urban and rural settlements where people come in numbers to watch him perform live with his band. His 2018 hit, “Tok Ji” made him a household name.

Freddy Jakadongo has since collaborated with musicians including but not limited to Kibandaski, Brizzy Annechild, Javan MacAjudo and many more.

It is Joanne’s first step into the music scene and the reception is astounding and significant to the fact that her new song is getting rare reviews and comments on both YouTube and other social media sites.

Watch “Hera Maua” by Joanne and Freddy Jakadong below:

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