News Single ‘On Behalf of the Gods’ by Sir Abster Ft Thomas Hazey

Sir Abster is a all round hip hop artist ,singer song writer, fashion designer and producer from the vosloorus east of Johannesburg. His work is contrary to what is usual or accepted and carries a style that is eccentric with a south African aesthetic, the style of music is called straatmate,which dives into the world, language and culture created by him and his peers. With versatility as his greatest trait he makes music fitting any situation.

Sir Abster’s introduction to making hip hop music was through his long time childhood friend who would encourage freestyles,beat box and collection of music. Sir Abster would later then take this inspiration and jot down poetry. After moving to boarding school spoken word took a backseat and he explored his talent for dancing. He then flourished and perform on big stages in SA but the calling to make music was just to great to ignore.

He then joined forces with Thabiso and Morena to form the collective clubz gang. Since the inception of clubz gang he has released a number of singles, mixtapes, music videos, made tv appearances, made it on several publications, had radio tours and performed around Gauteng.

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