News Alert: 57 Killed, More Than 330 000 Affected By Cyclone Freddy

Fifty-seven people are confirmed dead and more than 330 000 have been affected by the flooding and destruction Cyclone Freddy caused in Mozambique’s Zambezia and Sofala provinces in late February and earlier in March, says ForAfrika’s country manager for Mozambique, Arsenio Mucavele.

ForAfrika, the largest African humanitarian organisation in Africa, is working alongside communities in the country, which has been devastated by a cyclone that the World Meteorological Organization said is one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the southern hemisphere and could be the world’s longest-lasting tropical one on record.

Here are the latest figures:

Families/households affected24 33442 912
Individuals affected120 961211 789
Confirmed deaths453
Wounded people5276
Houses damaged6 28722 978
Houses completely destroyed16 49018 174
Houses flooded1 619Assessment ongoing
Schools affected73540
Classrooms affected 571 468
Pupils affectedAssessment ongoing115 871
Teachers affectedAssessment ongoing2 325
Crops affected40 711ha191 562ha
Hospitals affected450
Fallen electricity poles42Assessment ongoing
Power transformers damaged118
Active accommodation centres4794
Total people at accommodation centres19 24637 302


  • Immediate food assistance for the internally displaced people
  • Hygiene kits
  • Special water purification kits – water is contaminated due to the floods and new cases of diarrhoea are rising at resettlement centres
  • Emergency non-food items (blankets, cups, mosquito nets, spoons, soap, tarpaulins, pots, etc.)
  • Seeds and tools for the next planting season
  • Water tanks
  • Reconstruction kits (building)

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