Uganda Museum

Kampala is home to the Uganda Museum. It was established in 1908. It features traditional culture, archaeology, history, science, and natural history exhibits. It frequently hosts traditional music performances. It serves as a vivid reminder of the country’s colorful history.

Bunyoro Community Museum

Bunyoro Community Museum Associates is located in Hoima town, Uganda, at Kwebiha Hostel. The museum displays artifacts that depict the importance of Banyoro cultural heritage and history. Music instruments and household utensils are among the artifacts.

Uganda Martyrs University Museum

Uganda Martyrs University Museum is one of the country’s few anthropology museums. The museum is making significant progress in connecting the past and future by exhibiting various collections such as African warfare technologies, farming tools, traditional clothing, traditional dances, indigenous foods and traditions, medicine and practices, construction systems, hunting tools, religion (divinations), household tools, leisure activities and games, oral history, archeology, sculptures (art works), and University history. Uganda Martyrs University Museum is classified as a community museum as well.

Soroti Museum

Soroti Museum is centrally located and easily accessible in Soroti Town. The collection of artifacts is quite extensive, and it will provide excellent information to all tourists.

Kigulu Cultural Museum

The Kigulu museum, located in Iganga town, preserves and promotes the cultural heritage of the Basoga found in Kigulu chiefdom in Busoga Kingdom. The Museum is housed in one of the historical buildings once owned by Kigulu’s Chief. There, you will learn about the Basoga’s traditional ways of worship, indigenous foods and medicine, and other aspects of culture.

Iteso Cultural Union Museum

The Iteso Cultural Union Museum is located at the headquarters of Soroti Town (opposite the Soroti Hotel). The Itesots’ domestic utensils and hunting tools are on display in this museum. Furthermore, the museum promotes intangible heritage through a film about the Iteso people’s traditional stories, norms, and values.

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