Chad National Museum

It is situated in N’Djamena. The Chad National Museum, Fort-Lamy was founded on October 6, 1962, in temporary quarters. It relocated to the former town hall close to Place de l’Indépendance in 1964. The Chad National Museum opened with four halls dedicated to prehistory, protohistory, archives, folk arts, crafts, and traditions. The prehistory chamber featured pebble culture artifacts, such as material from the Amgamma cliff, Paleolithic tools, axes with helve-holes, nether millstones, and quartz and obsidian arrowheads, at least as of 1965. A full-sized ochre replica of a hunting scene from the first millennium B.C. once resided at the museum.

  • Address: 43GG+5XM Moundou, N’Djamena, Chad
  • Phone: +235 22 52 33 75
  • Website

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