Mozambican Singer Assa Matusse Releases New Album In Paris

Assa Matusse, the award-winning Mozambican and resident artist at the Cité Internationale Des Arts Foundation, in Paris has just released her second studio album.

“Mutchangana” intends to be a tribute to her father and to all the Bantu who, for some reason, have been prevented from speaking and expressing themselves in their native languages.

In “Mutchangana”, Assa Matusse sings her own lyrics, in four languages – Xi Changana, Portuguese, French, and English – and blends her unique, unmistakable, and melodic voice with a wide range of sounds, from traditional African rhythms to Blues, and modern guitar and electro sounds.

The first single of the new album, “Aprendeste aonde?” was launched at the end of last year and already has more than 20,000 views on YouTube. According to the artist, the song “questions some clichés around the way everyone expresses love in their own way. Those who live in Mozambique know that, in some families, there are issues that cannot be dealt with at the table, much less with the older ones. And, love is still one of those taboo themes”.

Living in Paris since 202, Assa Matusse has guided her career by the will to grow, change, evolve, and make the world know not only her music but the Mozambican culture.

The official launch will be on April 8th at Salle New Morning, in Paris, one of the most renowned stages in the francophone. Assa Matusse promises a show with a diversity of rhythms inspired by the experiences of Mozambicans and their Xi Changana language.

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