Media Brokerage Africa Selected To Lead Pan-African Distribution, Content Sales And Advertising For Dancestar Television

Dancestar Television has announced that an exclusive distribution, content sales and advertising partnership for Africa has been formed with Media Brokerage Africa.

Dancestar TV (DSTV) is the world’s first Over-the-Top (OTT) live stream channel that features Electronic Dance Music culture 24/7. It’s your ticket to the world’s best nightclubs, festivals, and new music from the best DJ’s, producers, and artists worldwide, capturing the true spirit of the EDM lifestyle.

Targeted at 12-54-year-old male and females, Dancestar TV is an exciting mix of News, Interviews, Festival Features, and Music Videos. The channel’s original programming includes: ‘THE DROP’, ‘ELECTROLITE’, ‘FESTIVITIES’, ‘ANTISOCIAL’, ‘PREVIOUS’, ‘TALKTRONIC’, ‘AQUAPARTY’ and ‘AURAL PLEASURES’. All complemented by recap videos from the world’s nightclub capitals, Miami, Las Vegas, New York, London and Ibiza. Fans also get to stream the top 10 reports from all the key EDM genres like House, Techno and Dub Step.

Andy Ruffell, CEO of Dancestar Ventures LLC, says: “As part of our 2021 expansion strategy, we are extending our reach to over 60+ OTT Platforms Worldwide, including Africa. Media Brokerage Africa provides unrivalled expertise in pan-African distribution, content sales, and advertising, so they are the obvious choice to help Dancestar TV penetrate the African market. Media Brokerage Africa will enable us to deliver a measurable platform for major brands to engage with the EDM Culture in Africa.”

Colman Murray, founder and Managing Director of Media Brokerage Africa, concludes: “The EDM genre is all-inclusive, pervading all areas of the globe and opening its arms to all walks of life. EDM is growing substantially across Africa, and helping Dancestar drive a range of commercial opportunities from partnerships through to broadcast and content distribution is an exciting prospect.”

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