Mbuzi Gang The “Shamra Shamra” Hit Makers

Mbuzi Gang is a music trio from Kenya comprising of Joefes, iPhoolish and Fathermoh. The group is signed under Black Market Africa Records and are best known for their hit songs “Shamra Shamra” and “Wagithomo”.

Shamra Shamra features Mejja and has been watched over 3 million times on YouTube. They also have a couple of more hit songs. What is their take on the future of Gengetone and how it is being received.
Shamra Shamra: Hit Song Turns Kenya’s Mbuzi Gang Into East Africa’s Favorites.

Shamra Shamra is a party hit song by Kenya’s fast rising gengetone trio ‘’Mbuzi gang’’ that has of recent captured East Africa’s air waves and taken the region by storm, becoming another street groove anthem across countries like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda making the trio seen as East Africa’s favorite new kids on the block.

Black Market Records’ singing trio (Mbuzi Gang is iPhoolish, Fathermoh, Joefes) featuring Mejja released shamra shamra on December 31st 2020 but it has done well across the region to an extent that the song hit 6 million views last month on YouTube barely a year after its release.

It is one of the latest gengetone songs that remain on loop for many DJs. The Covid-19 restrictions may have minimized the wild partying experienced across the region but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy a good vibe like Shamra shamra.

The gengetone singing trio mid this year after realizing that they were being recognized in East Africa especially in Uganda for Shamra shamra went ahead and did collaborations with Jose Chameleon and Angela Katatumba as well as Shamra Shamra remix with Uganda’s fast-rising female hip hop youngster ‘’Felista Di Superstar and John Blaq which is also currently doing well across the region.

Mbuzi Gang’s Joefes when asked about the future of Gengetone and how it was being received in Uganda recently in an interview, He told the Kenyan media that the group is proof that they are the future of Gengetone.

Links To Their Social Media Platforms https://web.facebook.com/MbuziGangOff… (Facebook)
https://www.instagram.com/mbuzigangof… (Instagram)

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