Malawi’s President Appoints Popular Comedian as Vice President

Comedian-turned-politician Michael Usi has been sworn in as Malawi’s vice-president in a ceremony held in Lilongwe, the nation’s capital. Usi, known for his acting career as “Manganya” in the TV sitcom Tikuferanji, replaces Saulos Chilima who died in a plane crash earlier this month. During his inauguration speech, Usi stated that he accepted the role with a mix of sadness and gratitude and pledged to honor Chilima’s memory. His appointment has sparked mixed reactions among Malawians, with some questioning whether he is the right man for the role, given his comedic background, and others praising the president for the gesture and maintaining the alliance between their parties. Usi was Chilima’s party deputy prior to forming an electoral alliance with eight opposition parties, including President Chakwera’s party, which brought them to power. Before his appointment as vice president, Usi was Malawi’s minister of natural resources and climate change.


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