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New Art Exhibition Featured at Goodman Gallery Joburg

Goodman Gallery Joburg: Group Show Goodman Gallery Johannesburg launches Narrative Means Opening this Saturday 11am 2 June – 14 July 2018A group exhibition featuring work by Ghada Amer & Reza Farkhondeh, Misheck Masamvu, Hank

A Whole New World for Black Artists

When Alice Gbelia was looking for interior design inspiration for her new home she struggled to find an outlet in which to buy the kind of artwork she was looking

For the Love of African Weddings!

Very few things can come between Africans and their weddings. Any normal person would perspire at the thought of feeding and keeping over 600 guests entertained for over 7 hours, but


New Aardman animation shows the impact of the world’s oldest and deadliest disease as part of global campaign demanding bold political action on malaria New Aardman animation voiced by actor

#Kilimanjaro – A Cinematic Experience

#Kilimanjaro – A Cinematic Experience

A cinematic experience that will leave you in awe of the magnificent mountain, Kilimanjaro Laurence Hills, a freelance film-maker, shot the film Kilimanjaro over seven days while climbing to the summit of the

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