Leading Global Technology Company inq. Expands Into Cameroon To Connect West And Central Africa To The World

Global Edge solutions provider and Convergence Partner company – inq. – today announced its official launch in Cameroon. This expansion is the next step in the company’s overarching strategy to provide cutting edge technological solutions globally and connect African economies to the rest of the world.“As a leading global Edge solutions provider, this milestone allows us to deepen our footprint in West and Central Africa and drive edge services within one of the fastest-growing ICT markets on the continent. It also allows us to connect the growing Cameroonian market with businesses all over the world,” says Dr. Andile Ngcaba, Executive Chairman of inq.

As part of its national development strategy, Cameroon has made the growth of a robust ICT sector a key priority. “The country is located between West and Central Africa and acts as a gateway point for activity in both of these markets. Small businesses and start-ups have developed successfully within Cameroon, showcasing a huge potential for growth in sectors such as fintech, health-tech, e-commerce, and logistics,” says Ngcaba.  Beyond the potential for market growth, inq. is also committed to developing local talent.“inq. is truly committed to bringing its global expertise here to Cameroon,” says Aurelien Bakehe, Managing Director of inq. in Cameroon.

“Our leadership team includes local technology leaders who are committed to representing Cameroonian business needs across this unique economic landscape. We’re also focused on hiring local talent across all levels of the organisation and strive to create opportunities for skills development for the communities in which we do business.” Aurelian concludes.

The launch of inq. was officially announced at an event in Yaoundé attended by key government and private sector stakeholders. The team will also celebrate their high achievers and long service staff members at an awards event in Cameroon’s business centre, Douala, on Friday.

To learn more about inq., visit at http://cm.inq.inc/  

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