Jollof Rice Nigeria’s National Dish

Jollof Rice

Original article published at TasteAtlas.

Jollof rice is Nigeria’s national dish that is believed to be the origin of the popular Cajun dish known as jambalaya. The other name for the dish is benachin, meaning one pot in the native language of the Wolof people who created it.

Although it is a Nigerian dish with Senegalese origins, it can be found all over West Africa with some variations in the ingredients, but the main principle stays the same – rice is cooked in a rich tomato sauce so that it soaks in all the flavors. The most common ingredients found in jollof rice include rice, tomatoes, tomato paste, onions, salt, and pepper.

On top of that, any kind of meat, vegetable, fish or spice can be added. It is important to have a delicious sauce, so in addition to tomatoes, there are also ingredients such as coconut milk, nutmeg, partminger (African basil leaf) and sometimes even Roiboos tea used in the sauce.