Jihadi Militants Cross into Northern Nigeria from Sahel Region

A recent report by the Clingendael Institute has revealed that jihadi fighters from Africa’s Sahel region have crossed into northwestern Nigeria, settling in Kainji Lake National Park. These militants, linked to al-Qaida, moved from Benin’s northern region, thereby exacerbating security concerns in one of Nigeria’s largest parks, which has served as a base for other armed militant groups in the country. The report further highlights a connection between Nigeria’s homegrown extremists and Sahel militants, potentially allowing extremists to claim large-scale success. Analysts further suggest the Sahel extremists might use northwestern Nigeria for logistics and influence amid booming illegal trade across the porous border. The Sahel region has for a long time been a hot bed of religious extremism, which has recently been exacerbated by a string of military coups that’s toppled democratic governments.


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