InDrive’s BeginIT Project Celebrates Its 2nd Anniversary In Tanzania

Celebrating a significant milestone, inDrive’s highly-acclaimed international educational project, BeginIT announces the successful completion of its second year in Tanzania. The BeginIT program is an initiative aimed at providing underprivileged children with Information Technology (IT) skills.

During these two years, the project held several workshops and other events to instill problem-solving skills and prepare children from orphanages, boarding schools, and rural schools for their future career, as well as provide them with guidance in new technologies. 

BeginIT’s innovative education program has transformed the lives of 104 children in total. In 2021 64 children graduated from the program and 40 more graduated in 2022. The program gave the children access to advanced IT  technologies and an opportunity to display their new skills in different projects. Now in 2023, the program has 30 students currently enrolled and continuing to benefit from the cutting-edge technology and education provided by BeginIT.

‘We strongly believe that every child should have a chance to realize their potential regardless of their social circumstances. We feel they need to get properly educated in time to ensure that they can compete in the constantly and rapidly developing world. This is why we have come up with an initiative to enable them to reach their potential’, said Anna Soldatova, Social Project Manager at BeginIT  

The aim of BeginIT is to ignite children’s curiosity in the field of intellectual production, and to provide them with an early advantage for personal development, influencing their career paths, and supporting their initial steps in the IT sector. In order to achieve this objective, BeginIT works together with STEMCafe, local government, and various NGOs in Tanzania.

BeginIT is currently operating in 15 countries, including Nigeria, and 821 children have already completed the program on a global scale. It is a part of inDrive’s non-commercial social efforts to challenge injustice across the globe. Other social projects include the Star Team initiative, helping underprivileged children to go to the best world Higher Schools, and Supernovas providing children from small towns and villages with access to quality sport training.

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